Please contact me about your project and we can discuss a package that will work for you. My intention is to provide whatever you may need, in one shop.


Keep in mind to provide the best service to you, advance notice of your project is needed.


My benchmark is a minimum of 4 weeks in advance, and depending on the service or services you are interested in, more time will likely be needed to schedule.


Contacting me as soon as you are aware of your project and needs is essential.


We can customize a package that will fit your specific needs!


Be prepared to schedule time for your edit. You have spent grueling hours writing your best work, the editing process takes time too.


Unless we've edited together before, please do not assume a release date for work we will be editing until after the first round draft has been completed.


If you already have a release date pending, this may require amending so you have the time needed to address editing notes and ensure your manuscript is complete, accurate and final.

Please notify at booking if you have beta readers or others involved in the editing process. 

Sample edit requests are welcome. There is a $75 nonrefundable charge that will be applied toward your final editing price.


Contact me for novella or other shorter works for pricing.

About Editing

To help you decide what kind of editor you’re looking for, here are a few short definitions.


Developmental/Content/Substantive: provides feedback regarding your manuscript content including the flow, consistency, plot strength, facts, character arcs, dialogue…the list goes on. This is the top level of editing that is used to ensure you are confident your manuscript is sound. Your developmental editor will pull out details for you to discuss or review as well.


Line:  focuses on how your words are crafted. The flow of your sentences and paragraphs. Line also concentrates on voice, readability, and style. Each time you work on a manuscript, this editing level is essential. Hard work here will help propel your style to the next level and the next.

Copy: not to be confused with Content or Line! Copy editing is correcting grammar and punctuation mainly. Sentence structure, missed words, too many words (it happens!), paragraph content, and basic corrections of the text.

Proofread: checks grammar and punctuation after the steps above have occurred. 


Simple right?


My primary focus is developmental and line editing. I want to ensure avenues are explored, plots and sub-plots are easy to understand, and that characters have significant voices. Plainly, I get involved with your manuscript. 

If you are looking for an editor that will turn your manuscript around in a small window of time, I am not your editor. My process involves reading, pulling things apart and then putting them back together again. That in and of itself takes time for digestion. Consequently, I’ll need time with your manuscript.

If you want helpful feedback regarding your storyline, plot, characters, voices, readability, I’m your editor. If you are flexible with your timelines to ensure you are putting out your best effort, I’m your editor. 


My schedule is usually booked for two to three months out. 

Additional Services

Here are a few of my favorite things:


  • Editing - (full content editing)

  • Formatting

  • Book snippets - (trailer video)

  • Graphics - (cover art, teasers, banners, swag, business cards, website, tshirts,)

  • Brand startup, redesign or novel series design

  • Swag -  (graphics creation, vendor selection, choosing the right items for your brand, ordering)

  • Preparation for author events 

  • Author event assistance

Please contact me if you need something not listed!

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