"Revision is one of the exquisite

pleasures of writing." 

Bernard Malamud

about the alchemist

Amy has always been an avid—okay, voracious—reader. 


She was an oncology clinical project manager for 17 years. She realized that editing and generating documents over the years gave her a vital skill set she could utilize.

Why content and line? Simple. She enjoys the discovery that takes place during content editing. It leads to endless possibilities!


Amy also loves the creative process of writing from start to finish. Sounding board coaching sessions have become one of the most rewarding parts of her business. She looks forward to hashing out plots and even sketching out a story from an idea. If you're having trouble with a character or even launching an idea, schedule a coaching session today.

Let's get started!

First—Congratulations! You're either writing or have written a novel and you're preparing for a deep dive into the content. If you're a new to editing and haven't experienced the process before, there are several layers of editing. I've written The Four Types of Editing to provide a good idea of what to expect when editing your first manuscript. Even if you've edited several books, I recommend this quick read to understand the process and how it fits into the bigger picture.

For the purpose of knowing what to expect from me, the content edit provides feedback regarding your manuscript including the flow, consistency, plot strength, fact checks, character arcs, and dialogue. Line edits review how your words are crafted. The flow of your sentences and paragraphs. Line also concentrates on voice, readability, and style. 

Summarizing, content and line involves reviewing progression, dissecting story and characters, and pulling sentences apart and then putting them back together again. That alone takes time. Consequently, time is required with your manuscript. Depending on the manuscript length and other factors, the process will take approximately two to four weeks to complete the content and line edits. 

Keep in mind, no two authors write or create the same way. 
The loose formula that sheds some light on my process:
·      5 parts getting to know the author and understanding their thoughts
·      2 parts discussion with the author
·      4 parts editing skill and style
·      1 part taking time to think it over
·      1 part setting realistic timelines
·      1 part knowing your audience/genre  


Content/developmental and line editing. 

Please contact for pricing.

Final pricing is based on the length of your manuscript and a few other factors. Please inquire regarding each manuscript you submit. If we haven't edited together before, a copy of your manuscript will be required.

An invoice for payment in full will be sent upon delivery of your fully edited manuscript.


To review the types of editing, please take a minute to read The Four Types of Editing


ebook (mobi) paperback and epub formats 

Price: $195


ebook (mobi) or paperback or epub only

Price: $175


Minimum of 2 weeks advance notice needed for formatting requests. Final copy of manuscript is required.  

Ask me about special titles or headers!

Au Package


  • Content and Line Edit

  • Formatting

Price: starting at $775

Final price is dependent on length of novel and a few other requirements.

World into Words Package


  • Cover art for ebook and paperback

  • Content and Line Edit

  • Formatting

Price: starting at $995

Final price is dependent length of novel and a few other requirements.

Manuscript Coaching Sessions

Need help with your manuscript, but you're not ready to edit? 

Feedback and suggestions provided summarizing plot, character evaluation, and overall story consistency and flow. Two one-hour telephone calls to review feedback and discuss project included. 

Any manuscript length. 

Please inquire regarding pricing for your project. 

Minimum three weeks.  

Critique only. No revisions made to manuscript.

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